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Corkscrew 4.0

Sheep Eats Wolf was recently approached by The Corkscrew theater festival to help transform what would have been their live shows this summer into unique immersive and interactive digital experiences. Rather than doing script readings on Zoom, Corkscrew wanted to hearken back to the days of 90’s Internet art... innovative storytelling told through a multi-media mashup of elements.

Sheep Eats Wolf was employed to work with the individual festival artists to develop their ideas from seed to script and then Design and produce those ideas to their full form for at-home enjoyment (certain pieces were designed by their own teams: See Credits).

The result is a wild and wacky (and sometimes disturbing and moving) deep-dive into the possibilities of the internet-as-medium; an offering—in a period of extreme separation—to provide some connection and immersive exploration, from wherever you happen to be sitting.

Are you feeling Lonely or Bored?

As featured in:
The NY Times
Broadway World
New Media ConsultantSeth Moore
Video EditorCole Smothers
Web DeveloperEmma Litwa-Vulcu
Water of Oblivion designed by:
New Media GraphicsTina-Hanaé Miller
Motion Graphics and EditingCinthia Chen
Bun in the Oven Content designed by:
Graphic DesignLee Bryant