Sheep_eats Wolf


Sheep_eats Wolf is a film company and creative collective based in New York, NY that focuses on short narrative films and feature length content, as well as multi-media and design. Started by Seth Moore (award-winning playwright, artist and actor) and Cole Smothers (award-winning filmmaker), we rambunctious films that test the senses and play with genre as a basis for comedic nihilism, thoughtful poetry, and social commentary.

Cole Smothers

Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

Cole Smothers is a freelance director/cinematographer/editor based in Brooklyn, NY and co-founder of Sheep Eats Wolf. His innate need to explore and share the uncommon or overlooked aspects of humanity drives the majority of Cole’s work.

Seth Moore

Producer, Playwright, Artist, Actor

Polyartist. Maker. Fool. All mediums are rivers leading to the same lake.

Emma Litwa-Vulcu

Colorist, Editor, Visual Effects Editor

Emma has ten years of experience working in post-production, with a number of those years working additionally as a producer. She worked freelance outside of LA and in NYC for three years on commercial content, music videos, and shorts, before joining New Sky Productions in 2014, a boutique video production company based in Boston and Seattle. She now works freelance as a colorist and editor in Boston, MA.